May 16, 2022 • 1HR 31M

WG on Being a Crypto Artist, Working in Print Magazine, and His Beginnings in TRON

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Eric P. Rhodes
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When he was ten years old, Randy Ortiz, aka WG, was a feverish Bruce Lee fan and loved everything kung-fu.

His Bruce Lee passion even led him to taking up taekwondo as a child.

Today, he is a crypto artist and part of the NFT collective When Giants Meet.

We had a truly amazing time talking about what it’s like to be an independent crypto artist, how he juggles being an NFT artist, working full-time, and being a family man, and how he got involved in art.

We also discussed when he knew he was going to become an artist, why he chose to study graphic design in college, his beginnings in TRON, and his latest project.

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Key Points Discussed

Meet young WG (01:14)

Crypto art and staying public (05:07)

How WG got involved in art (11:15)

Diving into NFTs (28:26)

WG’s day job (33:31)

About money and art (46:04)

Telling your art’s story (57:01)

Artists are the original storytellers (01:09:51)

About WG’s latest piece (01:22:46)

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