May 23, 2022 • 1HR 24M

Robness on Music, Spirituality, and His Obsession With Vaporwave

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Eric P. Rhodes
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When he was seven years old, Robness loved watching MTV, listening to Nirvana and Billy Idol, and naturally, wanted to become a rock star.

Today, he is a visual artist and the godfather of Trash Art.

So yes, in a way, he did become a rock star.

We had a truly great time talking about how music inspires his work, his Vaporwave movie script (yep, he wrote one), the lessons he learned from his days in Rare Pepe, and why he uses all caps everywhere.

We also discussed how we’re both undercover introverts, Robness’ high school days, the spiritual energy in his work, and more.

Want to learn more about him?

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Key Points Discussed

Meet 7-year old Robness (01:19)

Back to high school (14:21)

Robness’ jazzy work (23:12)

About Vaporwave (26:47)

Robness’ inspiration (39:11)

Robness, a prolific creator and collaborator (47:00)

Being a record breaker (01:04:15)

Post trash-ism work (01:08:38)

What’s coming next (01:15:21)

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Check out Robness’ work here and connect with him on Twitter here.

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