May 30, 2022 • 1HR 57M

Empress Trash on Independence, Childhood Emancipation, and Damsels

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Eric P. Rhodes
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Seven-year old Empress Trash lived a chaotic life in Massachusetts. She was isolated from her peers and experienced a lot of abuse.

She loved reading, making art, and studying history, and that helped her mentally escape her environment when she needed to.

Today, she was able to learn from her experiences and grow from them to become a brilliant and versatile artist.

We had a truly great time talking about her favorite childhood books, her love of animals, and her experience at art school.

We also discussed the impact trauma had on her life, her passion for drawing, her emancipation from her mother, her Damsels project, and more.

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Key Points Discussed

Who is seven year old Empress Trash? (02:17)

On being independent (18:21)

The power of meditation (28:53)

Empress Trash’s legacy (54:36)

About Damsels (59:39)

On positive triggers (01:26:21)

Growing as an artist on social media (01:39:03)

Getting comfortable with being an artist (01:46:29)

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