Introducing Crypto Art Friday

Aug 9, 2023

A weekly creative challenge and digital art celebration in partnership with JOYN.

Every Friday, a new theme is announced in this newsletter and you have one week to craft and share your own, distinctive interpretation.

Latest Open Call

What’s all this about?

Crypto Art Friday is a dynamic, community-driven art initiative that sparks creativity in the world of digital art created by Eric P. Rhodes. Each Friday, we announce a new theme encapsulated in a single word in the newsletter, inviting artists globally to interpret and explore that theme through their unique artistic lens.

This is not just a social collaboration; it's a weekly celebration of imagination, inspiration, and the boundless potential of blockchain-based art. Join us every Friday, and let's make the virtual canvas our playground!

Share your artwork.

You share your creations on X by replying to this open call which will be automatically cataloged on JOYN 15 minutes later. Allowing both professionals and budding artists to showcase their work, receive recognition, and engage with a thriving network of Web3 creators.

Share Your Artwork

How the submissions will be used:

From these weekly submissions, I’ll curate a selection of 10 artists to be included in a showcase on JOYN where you'll also have the opportunity to sell your artwork. I will promote the winners on my X account and in the Creative Bytes newsletter.

Latest Showcases

Additionally, I'll be curating for drops on Nifty Gateway. As a publisher on NG, I will focus on amplifying new and emerging artists.

Latest Drops (Coming Soon)

Submit a topic!

Think of a word or short phrase that can be interpreted visually in lots of ways and submit it! If we choose your topic, your website and information will be included in the weekly topic email sent out.

Submit a Topic!

Digital Horizon Blue

The official color of #CryptoArtFriday is #00C6FF. It’s a bright and eye-catching shade of blue that falls somewhere between turquoise and electric blue. It exudes energy, creativity, and innovation, and is a representative of the fusion between technology and art.

Created by Eric P. Rhodes

Eric is an award-winning Crypto Art artist, renowned Trash Art artist, creator of the iconic Unofficial Punks, and chief instigator of the potato meme. Pioneering the Web3 and NFT space since 2019.

A Second Realm Studio Project

Second Realm is a Web3-focused creative studio. It’s where I catalog and organize my artwork and projects. And where I house my personal collection of digital artwork collected over the years.